Drath Dunost
World of Ci'taept

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Known World
Drath Dunost

Known Settlements
Cross Roads
Ocean Wave
Dwarven Camp
Zar Kestal

Not all of Drath Dunost has been explored, with this thought, many adventures do not leave this area. Their thought is that, if you do not protect what you have now, how can you consider traveling to other areas of the world. With the loss of the citizens in Zar Kestal, the people that live in Drath Dunost are starting to panic. Lot of them think that if something is not done, they will be next.

Travel between Hemmington and Cross Roads is 5 days on foot, while Cross Roads to Ocean Wave is a quick travel of 3 days.

Many years has this area been nice and peacefull... But now, the sky clouds up to darkness. What will come of this new storm, people will be praying for survival.
Monsters in Drath Dunost
  Gremlin, Monaciello
  Sonjie Aaron Calmar

Travelers of Drath Dunost
  Ridleen Bushwalker